AfterDark's Doom 2 Coop Server

"Party like it's 1996..."

A ZDaemon Server
Name: AfterDark's Coop - Community Chest 2 (Doom 2) - UV


All maps will automatically download upon connecting to the server.
June 29th - July 6th: Community Chest 2
July 7th - July 14th: Memento Mori
July 15th - July 30th: Memento Mori 2

August Maps: To Be Decided

Special Settings
  Difficulty: Ultraviolence
Weapon stay

Respawn at death location

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

How to Connect
1) Download ZDaemon (A multiplayer Doom client)
2) Install it as per the instructions on your screen
3) Find AfterDark's Coop in your server list...
4) Or add the IP to your favorites.

Server Info

Debian 7.0 (256MB)

Contact Email